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Biosmart PV-WTC Palm Scan terminal, EM Marin reader

Референтен номер: PB-VEIN-EM
Biosmart PV-WTC Palm Scan terminal, EM Marin reader
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Наличност Не е налично в момента

Operation of the BioSmart PV-WTC terminal is based on the technique of palm image generation in IR light of a certain wave length. Blood depleted of oxygen possesses a larger IR radiation absorption factor as compared to the living tissue of a palm. Thanks to this effect, veins hidden under cutaneous tissue become visible when scanned in IR range of the spectrum. Produced vein pattern is unique for each person, and the system uses it for further identification, search in the database, and making a decision on providing access, handling relays – a turnstile or a lock.

Number of users* 1 000 000
Number of proximity cards 1 000 000
Number of palms 300 000
Logged events 10 000 000
Number of time groups 50
Identification time by palm veins (1:1000) Less than 2 seconds
FAR (False Acceptance Rate)** 0,00008 %
Scanner of palm veins Optical (infra-red)
Integrated RFID card reader Em-Marin
Read range for cards Up to 100 mm
Screen type TFT, 3.5”, 320 х 240
Keypad Touch,12 buttons
Interface for communication with PC USB, Ethernet, (IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-TX)
Support of Relay module Yes
WIEGAND I/O 26-40 bits
Number of discrete inputs 1
On-board relay 12V, 1A
Case opening sensor Yes
Power supply 12V±15%, 1A
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Case type Laid-on plastic
Dimensions (W x L x H) 215 х 150 х 117 mm
Weight Net: 820 g; gross: 1270 g
Warranty 5 years
* A card code can be assigned to each user. ** Calculated value: depends on quality of users’ biometric data.
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