NKE Remote Temperature Sensor 50-70-043 EU868

Референтен номер: 50-70-043
NKE Remote Temperature Sensor 50-70-043 EU868
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Производител NKE-Watecco

Key features highlights :

LoRaWAN Class A
Easy to use and deploy
Remote CTN probe for accurate measurements
Instant measurement
Min/ Max/ Average temperature value over 24h for unified degree days computation
Differential data compression
Autonomy up to 12 years

Description :

This LoRaWAN Remote Temperature Sensor from NKE is a Class A sensor operated on battery that transmits over radio frequency and can transfer over very long distances and in real time accurate temperature measurements.

This useful and unique device has many applications to suit all user needs, such as:

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Sensitive or stocking rooms and logistics operations (such as cold chain)
Indoor and outdoor environment
Industrial processes such as machienery and pipes
Data Center and IT server room
This is a small, narrow-band, long range sensor from a quality brand such as NKE Watteco. It has a low power consumption, high preformance and high quality Class A sensor which can transmit temperature from a NTC probe. This sensor is ideal for all types of use cases and different types of users. It can easily connect to to any wireless network using the LoRaWAN protocol. This transmission is done on a regular basis and the user will be alerted when the threshold is met.

The Remote Temperature Sensor reports every 24 hours the following information:

The average temperature measured
The minimum temperature measured
The maximum temperature measured
This is useful to calculate the degree of days which is a normel indicator of energy consumption and costs for heating or cooling.